Fair Market Value: Avoiding the Danger Zones

The IRS, OIG and valuation industry have set well-defined standards for FMV (Fair Market Value) in typical physician/hospital transactions. That said, in our consulting practice, we often encounter situations that can cause problems when handled incorrectly. Reaching the Upper Limits Most FMV physician compensation arrangements are based on national data broken down geographically and into […]

How Not to Create a Mess Out of Call Pay

Are you feeling pressure from your physicians to pay for call coverage? You are not alone. Call coverage compensation has been an increasingly salient issue for many of our clients. Avoid these common mistakes: Making one deal at a time Reacting separately to each physician’s situation is one of the biggest mistakes hospital executives make. […]

Transitioning to ACOs: Six Strategies To Implement NOW

“But what should I be doing NOW?” Several CEOs have asked us that question, as they struggle with how to make an effective transition from a market that incents volume to one that incents quality and efficiency. We can’t stress enough the importance of preparing NOW for the new incentive structure. Those that aren’t are […]