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  • Healthcare Leader: Interim Management
    HSG Strategy

Shared Vision

HSG is guided by the execution of our overall value proposition: customized, data-driven solutions that move clients toward their goals using analytics based on our proprietary expertise, processes, and tools which are guided by our thought leadership. Our team promises to adhere to the standards outlined below and to act with these principles in mind.


HSG will continually explore new markets for existing products and services and opportunities to expand our capabilities to ensure continued growth and success for our existing and future clients. 


HSG’s operations will continually evolve to balance client delivery and product/service development – ensuring HSG has equilibrium in addressing today’s client concerns while ensuring appropriate organizational attention and resources are allocated to developing the products and services that will better serve client future needs and ensure HSG’s success by optimally executing our value proposition in every service and product we deliver 


HSG’s brand will reflect elements of its overall value proposition – results-driven client service, differentiated products and services, unique and valuable insights, industry-leading thought leadership, and customized solutions. 

Performance Optimization 

HSG will be a growth-oriented company, balancing investment in future growth with financial sustainability. HSG will leverage its internal data to measure and manage its growth in a manner consistent with goals. 

Leadership and Management  

HSG’s organizational structure and management infrastructure will progressively evolve to support HSG’s strategy and ensure resource availability and capability to execute the company’s agenda. 


HSG’s team members are the most critical part of our current and future success. Recruitment, professional development and retention of our team is crucial for attaining our vision. 

Our Culture

 Our people are the most important part of our current and future success. HSG Advisors embraces its differentiated consulting model—focusing on work/life balance and the overall well-being of our team, weighed against the reality of lient, product development, and other client-driven timelines. We focus on success as a team – our compensation models promote client success and company performance.   

HSG Advisor’s culture is driven by our E.N.A.C.T framework – focused around the core elements of how we interact with our clients, as well as each other in order to drive our overall future growth and success as a boutique consultancy:   


HSG Advisors will thrive based on the drive of its team members, who will identify opportunities for growth and improvement and proactively execute on those opportunities. 


HSG Advisors’ strength is its flexibility – our size allows us to leverage our expertise and capabilities in our work together and evolve our products and processes to address client needs with unique solutions and/or respond to an advancing market in a differentiated way. 


HSG Advisors’ team members will focus on sincerity – both internally and with our clients – holding themselves and each other accountable to achieve individual responsibilities, execute upon client objectives and realize company goals. 


HSG Advisors will embrace a collegial culture, focused on promoting awareness through communication and avoiding silos of expertise, execution or effort 


HSG Advisors’ management infrastructure, communication structures and internal functions will at all times promote transparency of decision-making and performance against goals.