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As defined in HSG’s book “Employed Physician Networks: A Guide to Building Strategic Advantage, Value, and Financial Sustainability”, the “High-Performing” Employed Physician Network embodies the following characteristics: 

  • Is financially and operationally sustainable  
  • Is integrated with health system vision and strategic direction  
  • Embraces a multispecialty group culture that is embedded in both strategic vision and day-today operational management  
  • Embodies uniform policies, procedures, and interactional experiences regardless of point of contact  
  • Delivers consumer-centric care and service, with a focus on access, engagement, and positive population health outcomes  
  • Incentivizes providers with a common compensation philosophy that has specialty-specific variance where warranted, but includes metrics consistent with improving performance expectations  
  • Integrates robust physician/advanced practice provider and administrative dyad leadership throughout the organizational chart, embodying “provider-led, professionally managed” mantra  
  • Utilizes all providers and support staff at top-of-license and capabilities in a clinically transformed practice model  


Employed Network Transformation 

Transforming a group of employed practices into a cohesive multispecialty group aligned with the health system’s strategic direction requires a Shared Vision between administration and providers and evolving the organization’s structure to focus on its future.  HSG works with employed networks to reset the path and engage stakeholders in leadership towards the future. 

Employed Network Operational and Financial Performance Improvement 

Improving financial performance within an employed network requires a comprehensive understanding of internal performance versus benchmark.  HSG helps health systems identify, prioritize, and execute upon operational issues that ultimately drive financial performance.  

Employed Network and Practice Turnaround 

When a network or a practice leader departs, major disruptions to operations and financial performance can occur.  HSG’s Interim Management team stabilizes operations while supporting development of future leaders within the organization.  

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