67 Tips for Developing a High-Performing Physician Network

Most of our clients learned to manage a hospital. Today, many of those clients believe their long-term success will center on how their employed physician group evolves. The viability of a health system or hospital is increasingly dependent on the group’s ability to attract the needed talent, respond to the imperatives to better manage care, […]

Case Study: Cardiology Co-Management Agreement

Background Our client was a two-hospital system in the Mid-Atlantic region that was experiencing inefficiencies in their cath lab. The inefficiencies resulted in high costs-per-case, substandard outcomes and lost market share. The lab was used by interventionalists from two independent cardiology groups. HSG explored several alignment methods, including employment, call coverage pay and Professional Services Agreements.  […]

Use These Five Strategies to Align with Independent Physicians

To many hospital CEOs, there are days when it seems as though every physician on the medical staff wants to be employed.  In reality, that’s not true — quite a number of physicians prefer to remain independent.  However, finding ways to align with key independent physicians without putting them on the payroll has its own set of challenges. […]
Virtual Health Care

Webinar: Improve Quality and Enhance Efficiency with Co-Management Agreements

Healthcare reform’s focus on patient outcomes is piquing renewed interest in co-management agreements. Many hospitals have relied on co-management to build successful service lines, because they enhance clinical expertise, give doctors a seat at the decision-making table and foster physician loyalty – the same prerequisites necessary to thrive under value-based purchasing and bundled hospital-physician payments. […]

Push Coordinated Cancer Care through Co-Management

One of health reform’s goals is to change the way health care is delivered in America. Rather than treating patients in silos, health reform initiatives encourage providers to work together. Cancer care is an excellent example of the need for a team approach to care. Because it can involve many silos – medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, radiology/imaging, pathology, […]

Physician Alignment ….Solving The Puzzle, Part 2

In the first installment of this series of articles, we outlined the key questions that your organization should address as you embark on the development of a physician alignment strategy. In this installment, we will identify the alternative strategies that we have seen employed, and discuss the pros and cons of each. First, it is […]

Co-Management: An Option to ACOs

With the anticipated release of the ACO regulations, hospitals were provided with another reason to prepare for the payment reforms that are set to become reality in the next five years. Whether you implement an ACO or you don’t, rewarding providers for quality and efficiency is a must. There are several ways to achieve this […]