Most of our clients learned to manage a hospital. Today, many of those clients believe their long-term success will center on how their employed physician group evolves. The viability of a health system or hospital is increasingly dependent on the group’s ability to attract the needed talent, respond to the imperatives to better manage care, meet patient needs for quality and service, and respond to a complex market.

At HSG, our sole focus is hospital-physician alignment. We offer a range of management services to physician networks, including an assessment, based on a comprehensive set of standards, or best practices, to help our clients assess their group’s performance and set improvement targets.

The assessment is built around the eight elements that make a group great: strategy, culture, quality, brand/identity, physician leadership, infrastructure, financial stability, and aligned compensation.

This document mirrors that assessment in many ways, with 67 specific tips for success. It provides many insights related to the standards, and should help you understand how to make your group thrive.

67 Tips for Developing a Hight-Performing Physician Network

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Neal D. Barker

Partner and Managing Director, Compensation and Compliance