Physician Strategy

Patient Access to Care

With strategies that necessitate keeping patients “in-network,” many health system leaders are evolving their approach to Patient Access.

Physician Manpower Planning

Move beyond the Community Need Approach in this white paper, which answers questions healthcare executives should be asking themselves.

Mitigating Physician Burnout

Learn about what causes physician burnout as well as preventive and mitigation tactics that can be implemented to stifle this growing issue.

Building Comprehensive Physician Strategy and Manpower Development

Background Our Client was a large tertiary health system in the Midwest with an employed provider network that encompasses the majority of the active hospital medical staff. Historically, decisions about physician and advanced practitioner recruitment had been made by a multitude of executives for varying reasons, with the employed provider network driving its own strategy […]

Physician Employment and the Board

Numerous clients have asked HSG for assistance in providing board education regarding physician employment. Driving this request are the frequent questions they receive from board members about why the hospital must support physicians who were previously independent. And, skittish about legal concerns, such as buying referrals, clients find it a difficult question to answer. A […]