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What & When

Building Differentiated Healthcare Service Lines

Recorded Live on Thursday August 13th, 2020 – 2:00pm EDT

Webinar Description

As hospitals work to gain advantages in the marketplace, one of their key focuses must be on building differentiated healthcare service lines and capabilities.  The capabilities must focus on creating more reliable outcomes, in terms of cost, quality, and access.  The capabilities must also focus on promoting the service line to differentiate it in the minds of consumers and referring physicians.  In this webinar we will address how to do that in partnership with your physicians. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Define the vision for the service line over the long term, workign with physicians to gain their insights.
  2. Understand key elements of service line analysis, and how that relates to ongoing KPIs.
  3. Build feasible strategies and tactical plans to guide implementation.


  • Eric Andreoli, Director
  • David Miller, Founding Partner

Related Content

HSG recently published an article that has had significant readership discussing 6 key components of service line success and differentiation.

  1. Utilizing Claims Data to Measure Outpatient and Ambulatory Impact
  2. Retaining Patients Across the Continuum
  3. Continually Improving Access
  4. Developing Differentiated Service Line Capabilities
  5. Leveraging Impactful Physician Alignment Models
  6. Managing Service Line Dynamics Given Growth in Employment

Read more on each of these six keys to service line success below.

According to a recent MGMA Study, 33% of healthcare systems are utilizing outside resources to support them in their service line development initiatives. If your system fits that critera please contact David Miller or Eric Andreoli to discuss your current needs.

David W. Miller

Founder and Chairman