Webinar: Transforming Operational Chaos into a High-Performing Physician Network

Physician network losses threaten the financial performance of healthcare organizations and impact their ability to confidently face new market challenges. Diagnosing problem areas and implementing a plan for improvement is critical to positioning the organization for success. At this point in their evolution (“Operational Chaos”), networks benefit from a comprehensive operational assessment supported by detailed […]

Case Study: Cutting Physician Network Losses

Background The client was a nine-hospital health system with 14 clinics serving communities in a multi-state market with very limited access to care, poor economic conditions, high unemployment, and a heavy Medicare/Medicaid/uninsured payer mix. For most of these communities, the system was the sole source of care. Though the clinics were of substantial size (they employed […]

Is Your Infrastructure Contributing to Your Physician Network Losses?

Many hospitals and health systems started employing physicians under the premise that if they could run a successful hospital, how hard could it be to run a few practices? What most didn’t anticipate, however, was the growth in physician employment. A few doctors is one thing, a few hundred is another. Many physician networks have […]