Provider Manpower Planning and the Changing Delivery System

As health organizations transition toward population health and value-based contracting, the challenges in determining the right number and mix of providers, as well as the placement and alignment of those providers, grow in complexity. Simply defining model-calculated need for physician specialists, identifying succession planning opportunities and prioritizing based on market share and service line goals […]
HSG Advisors: Healthcare Experts: How To Get the Most from a Physician Needs Analysis

How To Get the Most from a Physician Needs Analysis: Ask the Right Questions!

One size doesn’t fit all when developing a Physician Needs Analysis. While similar base components are always included, the scope, data elements, methodology and resulting analysis should reflect the questions the study is designed to answer. At HSG, this is a typical physician needs analysis inquiry from a prospective client: “I’m looking for information on […]
Healthcare Service Lines

Case Study: Ambulatory Strategy with a Focus on Responding to a Larger Competitor Moving Into the Market

Background Our client was an independent, 250+ bed hospital, located 20 minutes from a large metropolitan area in the Midwest.  The hospital was experiencing intense pressure from three tertiary competitors located in the nearby metro area. Each was pursuing an ambulatory strategy that placed physicians, outpatient services, and ancillaries in our client’s primary service area.  […]

Case Study: Developing a Physician Recruitment Plan at the Hospital System Level

Background A five-hospital system in Northern Indiana located just outside the Chicago metropolitan area required a shared recruitment plan to address the need for multiple select specialties. Critical to creating the shared plan was obtaining buy-in from all five facilities. To foster that buy-in, HSG set the tone for inter-hospital meetings and negotiations by stressing that […]

Case Study: Developing a Defensible Physician Needs Analysis for a Combination Urban/Rural Market

Background Located in the Central East corridor, this three-hospital system, comprised of two adult and one children’s hospital, is a tertiary provider for an 18-county service area, encompassing both urban and rural populations. The system both employs physicians and provides recruitment assistance for independent physicians. They asked for: a physician needs analysis that would support […]