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5 Common Physician Network Revenue Cycle Missteps

Physician network revenue cycle is usually lacking dedicated resources in its revenue cycle function. Here are 5 common missteps that clients make as they set up these large multispecialty networks.

Effective Revenue Cycle Management in Your Network

Revenue Cycle Management for your physician network has become more complex. Bigger groups increase the scale and complexity of processes, Stagnant reimbursements make it imperative that your practices collect what they deserve, Electronic Health Records create potential glitches, Evolving local carrier determinations (LCD) creates challenges, Payer credentialing becomes higher risk as your network grows, and Compliance […]

Case Study: Cutting Physician Network Losses

Background The client was a nine-hospital health system with 14 clinics serving communities in a multi-state market with very limited access to care, poor economic conditions, high unemployment, and a heavy Medicare/Medicaid/uninsured payer mix. For most of these communities, the system was the sole source of care. Though the clinics were of substantial size (they employed […]
Physician Network Revenue Cycle

Case Study: Performing a Practice Assessment

Background Over a three-week period, HSG performed a complete audit of an employed physician network consisting of over 120 providers, 90 of whom were physicians. It was operating at an annual loss of approximately $18M. Based on the assessment, the largest contributors to that loss were: Low physician productivity as measured by Work RVUs (wRVUs) […]