Accelerating Progress in Your Physician Network – How HSG Can Support Your Growth

Spurred by the need for better integration and the need to protect volumes, billions have been invested by hospitals and health systems in physician practices. In many cases, the result has been massive losses for the system with few of the benefits promised by integration. Rather than creating effective, multi-specialty groups, health systems are saddled […]

Case Study: Developing a Strategy for a Rapidly-Growing Physician Network

Background A two-hospital system in the Midwest had a 45-provider employed network that had grown tremendously over three years. Much of that growth was unplanned and primarily based on reactions to competitor actions and physician demands. The result: Practice losses were exorbitant. The management team was focused on day-to-day issues and putting out fires. Multiple executives […]

Webinar: Strategies for Leveraging Your Physician Network

With the growth of employed physician networks and mounting operating losses, hospital CEOs are asking: How do I get value from my physician network? How do I identify and develop physician leaders? Does the current compensation model incentivize the right performance measures and behavior? How do I position the employed network to deal with direct […]