Co-Management Checklist: What to Do Before, During and After Negotiating an Agreement

Co-management agreements have long been used to engage physicians in service line development and are increasingly being used to set the stage for population health management. Successful deals require careful preparation and implementation. The following items offer a starting point for what you need to focus on before, during, and after constructing a co-management agreement: […]

Webinar: The 9 Key Components of an Effective Physician Integration Strategy

What makes a physician strategy successful – and what makes it fail?   The biggest reason plans fail is because, while they typically define how the organization will Develop physician relationships, they don’t detail how their Implementation and Management. During this 20-minute webinar, Director Travis Ansel:   Reveals the nine key components of an effective physician strategy; Demonstrates how to identify […]

Webinar: A Comprehensive Look at Physician Alignment Strategies

During this one-hour webinar, HSG Partners David Miller and Neal Barker provide a comprehensive overview of the most prevalent physician alignment strategies and models being used by hospitals today. The presentation includes: An examination of all alignment opportunities, ranging from high-integration models, such as employment, to low-integration models, such as medical directorships; Best Practices for successfully […]

Healthcare Strategy Group’s Physician Employment Screening Tool

Is it in your best interest to employ that physician who dropped by your office yesterday for a chat? Use Healthcare Strategy Group’s Physician Employment Screening Tool to help your hospital or health system make the right hiring decision. The tool asks 11 questions, from whether the physician fits with your strategic objectives to the […]

Webinar: Defining a Proactive and Comprehensive Physician Alignment Strategy

Hospitals around the country are experiencing similar challenges with their physician alignment strategies: Reacting to physician demands instead of proactively developing strategic physician relationships; High variability and questionable effectiveness in the deals struck with physicians; and The number of physician alignment deals outpacing internal infrastructure’s capabilities to manage them. The results are predictable: friction in […]

Has Your Physician Network Outgrown Your Leadership?

As private practitioners, physicians have a firm grasp on practice operations. However, once employed, many physicians abdicate this responsibility and expect the network management team to do it all. Having the right leadership team in place is key to effectively managing employed physician groups. Dealing with a diverse group of physicians under one roof and […]

Case Study: Ambulatory Strategy with a Focus on Responding to a Larger Competitor Moving Into the Market

Background Our client was an independent, 250+ bed hospital, located 20 minutes from a large metropolitan area in the Midwest.  The hospital was experiencing intense pressure from three tertiary competitors located in the nearby metro area. Each was pursuing an ambulatory strategy that placed physicians, outpatient services, and ancillaries in our client’s primary service area.  […]

Case Study: Primary Care Alignment in a Community Hospital Setting

Background Our client, a two-hospital system in the Southeast region, lacked a consistent physician alignment strategy, particularly for primary care.  As a result: Referrals from on-staff physicians were lost to other health systems Competitor health systems were aggressively targeting high-producing on-staff physicians with employment offers Loyal physicians were retiring and closing their practices without succession […]