Co-Management Checklist: What to Do Before, During and After Negotiating an Agreement

Co-Management Checklist Download a PDF Version to Share With Your Team Co-management agreements have long been used to engage physicians in service line development and are increasingly being used to set the stage for population health management. Successful deals require careful preparation and implementation. The following items offer a starting point for what you need […]

Webinar: The 9 Key Components of an Effective Physician Integration Strategy

What makes a physician strategy successful – and what makes it fail?   The biggest reason plans fail is because, while they typically define how the organization will Develop physician relationships, they don’t detail how their Implementation and Management. During this 20-minute webinar, Director Travis Ansel:   Reveals the nine key components of an effective physician strategy; Demonstrates how to identify […]

Webinar: A Comprehensive Look at Physician Alignment Strategies

During this one-hour webinar, HSG Partners David Miller and Neal Barker provide a comprehensive overview of the most prevalent physician alignment strategies and models being used by hospitals today. The presentation includes: An examination of all alignment opportunities, ranging from high-integration models, such as employment, to low-integration models, such as medical directorships; Best Practices for successfully […]

Case Study: Primary Care Alignment in a Community Hospital Setting

Background Our client, a two-hospital system in the Southeast region, lacked a consistent physician alignment strategy, particularly for primary care.  As a result: Referrals from on-staff physicians were lost to other health systems Competitor health systems were aggressively targeting high-producing on-staff physicians with employment offers Loyal physicians were retiring and closing their practices without succession […]

Case Study: Developing a Physician Recruitment Plan at the Hospital System Level

Background A five-hospital system in Northern Indiana located just outside the Chicago metropolitan area required a shared recruitment plan to address the need for multiple select specialties. Critical to creating the shared plan was obtaining buy-in from all five facilities. To foster that buy-in, HSG set the tone for inter-hospital meetings and negotiations by stressing that […]

Use These Five Strategies to Align with Independent Physicians

To many hospital CEOs, there are days when it seems as though every physician on the medical staff wants to be employed.  In reality, that’s not true — quite a number of physicians prefer to remain independent.  However, finding ways to align with key independent physicians without putting them on the payroll has its own set of challenges. […]
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Webinar: Improve Quality and Enhance Efficiency with Co-Management Agreements

Healthcare reform’s focus on patient outcomes is piquing renewed interest in co-management agreements. Many hospitals have relied on co-management to build successful service lines, because they enhance clinical expertise, give doctors a seat at the decision-making table and foster physician loyalty – the same prerequisites necessary to thrive under value-based purchasing and bundled hospital-physician payments. […]

Webinar: Setting Your Primary Care Strategy

During this 90-minute webinar, HSG discusses how to assess the current state of your primary care network; today’s top primary care issues; what healthcare leaders need to do to meet these new challenges; and how to set your primary care strategy to prepare for the challenges ahead, as focus shifts to value. [bsmdw_content content_id=’313′]