Two Paths to Greater Practice Revenue and Productivity

Searching for ways to increase practice revenues and productivity? The 2017 MGMA DataDive Cost and Revenue Survey provides some helpful insight. The Survey indicated that practices with higher staffing-to-physician ratios and non-physician provider (NPP)-to-physician ratios realized greater net revenues and higher provider productivity. An article1 about the 2017 MGMA DataDive Cost and Revenue Survey highlights […]

Webinar: Evolving Your Physician Network

Health systems have struggled to manage and develop their physician networks. Part of the problem has been inexperience and limited availability of management talent. Another key part has been the rapid growth of these networks. And getting these networks focused on strategic priorities has been no small task. HSG has a system to guide this […]

How Healthy is Your Employed Network?

Is a check-up in order? With reimbursement tightening and demands on limited practice resources increasing, it is critical that your employed network operates as efficiently as possible. Routine monitoring will keep you apprised and illuminate the steps you need to take to improve operations, stem losses, and keep localized issues from becoming systemic problems. On […]

Physician Network Bleeding Cash? Turn It Around in 100 Days

HSG’s focus on physician network management has given us real insights into the operational and management challenges faced by hospitals. Those challenges vary, depending on which Growth Phase your network is in. Many of our clients are in Growth or Operational Chaos modes, when common performance issues and their causes include:   Performance Issue Drivers/Cause Physicians Don’t […]

Webinar: Physician Leadership: A Critical Resource for Success

For hospitals and health systems, physician leadership is critical to success. It drives positive outcomes at every level — from the frontline delivery of patient care to board-level strategic planning. This 60-minute webinar will help hospital and health system senior leadership and physician executives: Understand the crucial roles and functions of physician leaders at every level […]

Webinar: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Revenue Cycle Management

Rapid growth of employed physician networks has resulted in many areas of concern for hospitals and health systems related to: Multiple practice management systems Poor infrastructure Need for centralized business office Inconsistent processes Standardization of fee schedules Provider credentialing HSG’s one-hour webinar covers: The most common areas of poor revenue cycle management performance; Best practices for […]