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Interim Practice Management

As hospitals employ physicians or acquire practices, management of the new entity is frequently a challenge. The issues in a practice differ from the hospital and the scale of the operations is much smaller. That means that mistakes are magnified, quickly showing up on the practice bottom line. The result is often an underperforming practice. […]
HSG then recommended an interim executive who possessed the needed skill sets and was felt to be a cultural fit for the organization. Following an on-site visit and meeting with senior leadership to introduce the candidate, the interim was approved, a 90-day prioritized plan was developed and approved and the interim began work the following week.

Physician Network Management: Insights from an Interim Executive

Background Senior leadership of a hospital system was growing increasingly concerned over mounting losses and a general lack of operational efficiency in the employed physician network. It was apparent to them that the management infrastructure and talent had not kept pace with the needs of the rapidly growing network. The hospital requested assistance from HSG […]

6 Reasons for Upgrading Your Employed Physician Network Leadership

Employed physician networks have become an integral part of the overall strategy for hospitals and health systems. Whether your network consists of 40 or 240 providers, having the right executive leadership at the helm is critical. And the operational and financial expertise required to effectively manage these multimillion dollar entities has grown with the network’s […]

Case Study: Talent Acquisition for your Physician Group: Interim CEO and Search

Background: A 300-bed hospital in the southeast engaged HSG to perform an operational assessment of their rapidly growing employed physician network. Leadership was concerned that the infrastructure of the network had not kept pace with the growth. After reviewing the findings, the senior executive team decided to make a change in the management of the […]

4 Signs It’s Time to Consider Interim Management of Your Physician Network

Exploding physician employment has resulted in a dearth of executive leadership of multi-specialty physician groups. In many cases, rapid growth of these physician enterprises has outpaced the management infrastructure and executive talent required to lead them. Four telltale signs your network growth has exceeded your management infrastructure and abilities include: Responsibilities for making physician acquisition […]

Case Study: Interim Management for an Employed Physician Network

Background Our Midwestern hospital client had a rapidly-growing employed physician network. The network was multi-specialty and was deployed to expand the hospital’s footprint in outreach markets. Developing the group culture and increasing physician engagement, however, were becoming increasingly challenging. The group lacked a solid infrastructure and didn’t have sufficient dedicated resources to support the practices […]

Interim Management: A Valuable Strategy for Physician Networks

Over the last several years, physician employment has been a strategic focus for hospitals. The reality is that many physicians are unable to maintain a private practice due to declining reimbursement rates and continually increasing expenses. Healthcare reform has forced many to rethink their overall alignment strategy. As a result, hospitals have made significant investments […]

Interim Management: When Does It Make Sense?

Some managers equate interim management with the temporary agency they use to fill the empty seat in the billing office until a permanent replacement can be found. This opinion fails to identify some real operational and strategic advantages of using interim managers in specific settings. Knowing when interim management is a viable solution can have […]