5 Keys to an Effective Geographic Growth Strategy

An effective geographic growth strategy is critical to the long-term sustainability of hospitals and health systems. Healthcare Strategy Group has established five key strategic considerations for evaluating new or existing markets for geographic expansion. Market Attractiveness Market “attractiveness” can quickly differentiate service areas. Factors such as population size, population growth, household income, and percentage of […]
HSG Advisors: Healthcare Experts: How To Get the Most from a Physician Needs Analysis

How To Get the Most from a Physician Needs Analysis: Ask the Right Questions!

One size doesn’t fit all when developing a Physician Needs Analysis. While similar base components are always included, the scope, data elements, methodology and resulting analysis should reflect the questions the study is designed to answer. At HSG, this is a typical physician needs analysis inquiry from a prospective client: “I’m looking for information on […]

Case Study: Hospital Strategic Planning with a Focus on Profitable Growth

Background Our client, a community hospital that is part of a loosely affiliated, five-plus hospital system in the Northeast, was struggling with financial challenges that were driving the organization’s operating margin deep into the red.  The hospital was facing pressure from competitors to both the east and the west, and struggling to retain referrals from […]