Case Study: Building a Health-System-Level Physician Strategy

Background A statewide system in the Southeast was struggling with decentralized decision making in its physician network. With no system-level plan in place, executives at the system’s six hospitals were implementing different physician recruitment and alignment strategies that did not support the overall organization’s strategic vision. In addition, centralized physician network resources were being asked to manage […]

Case Study: Strategic Planning for a Rapidly-Growing Employed Physician Group

Background The number of physicians employed by a 300+ bed hospital in the Midwest had grown from 30 to 120 over a three-year period.  While this growth was driven by a strategic initiative to increase alignment with the community physicians, the group that the physicians were put into lacked any formal infrastructure or identity.  As […]

Case Study: Developing a Defensible Physician Needs Analysis for a Combination Urban/Rural Market

Background Located in the Central East corridor, this three-hospital system, comprised of two adult and one children’s hospital, is a tertiary provider for an 18-county service area, encompassing both urban and rural populations. The system both employs physicians and provides recruitment assistance for independent physicians. They asked for: a physician needs analysis that would support […]

Building a Physician Employment Strategy

Hospitals are increasingly confronted by the challenge of employing physicians. To meet this challenge, hospitals bring a high motivation for success but very little practical experience. In this article, we’ll address three areas to augment your knowledge and help ensure the success of your employment strategy: Why employment is growing. When should a hospital consider […]