Case Study: Physician Employment Entity and Infrastructure

Background We’ve had more than a few hospital clients who never made a formal decision to start hiring physicians, but nonetheless found themselves with a goodly number and mix of doctors on their payrolls. One particular client came to HSG in just that situation. They had a group of employed physicians, but that “group” didn’t function […]

Case Study: Employed Physician Group Strategy

Background One of our clients in the Northeast has done a superior job with their employed physician group strategy. With the hospital’s employment strategy maturing, our client had moved on to seeking “value” from the group. With that in mind, the hospital engaged their employed physicians in a planning process to develop an expanded group strategy […]

Position Your Employed Group as a Product Line

If you’ve ever moved to a new town, changed jobs, or had your employer change the company health plan, you’ve probably had to search for a new doctor. More than likely, your search involved word-of-mouth, a health plan directory or a gazillion internet hits. Because most community hospitals and health systems don’t typically promote their […]

Your Employed Group As a Strategic Weapon

In the crusade for higher quality and lower costs, physicians are on the front lines. To survive under reform, hospitals and health systems must shift their focus to managing care processes, and that will require changing physician behavior. What better place to start than by using your employed physician network as the “tip of the […]

Interim Management: A Valuable Strategy for Physician Networks

Over the last several years, physician employment has been a strategic focus for hospitals. The reality is that many physicians are unable to maintain a private practice due to declining reimbursement rates and continually increasing expenses. Healthcare reform has forced many to rethink their overall alignment strategy. As a result, hospitals have made significant investments […]

Building a Physician Employment Strategy

Hospitals are increasingly confronted by the challenge of employing physicians. To meet this challenge, hospitals bring a high motivation for success but very little practical experience. In this article, we’ll address three areas to augment your knowledge and help ensure the success of your employment strategy: Why employment is growing. When should a hospital consider […]

Mergers and Physician Alignment

Our consultants see an interesting dichotomy with clients: they believe, almost uniformly, that closer alignment with physicians is crucial to future success, but when evaluating merger partners or acquisition targets, the issue isn’t often high priority. This is a failure in client strategy. Part of the problem is that physician alignment is difficult to assess. […]

Consistency Pays Off with Physician Transactions

Though most hospitals have been purchasing physician practices and employing physicians for several years, it’s surprising how few have developed a consistent philosophy on acquisitions and physician compensation. We’ve all been exposed to the CEO whose mantra, like Nike’s, is “Just do it,” but there are two compelling reasons to develop a consistent process. First, […]

Process Improvement Series: Revenue Cycle Management

What key indicators are you using to measure the performance of your physician network?  Revenue cycle measures should be at the top of your list, as failure to monitor this process is a serious error, and in many hospitals is leading to massive financial losses and unpleasant conversations with the Board. Healthcare Strategy Group has […]