The Inevitable

With all of the uncertainty about changing health policy and the ACA, it is easy to get distracted. But those distractions hide a deeper truth: many changes are inevitable. It is critical that you not lose sight of the evolution required of your organization and its physicians if you are to successfully address those changes. […]

Webinar: Direct Contracting – The Essential Strategy

Most hospitals make all of their profits from privately insured patients, struggling to break even from government payers and self-pay. But ironically, most hospital executives have little, if no, relationship with the employers who fund these private-pay patients. That needs to change. And the investments hospitals have made in physician networks can be a key […]
Virtual Visits Reimbursement

Preparing for Emerging Delivery Models: PHO Development to Facilitate Value-Based Care Delivery

Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHOs) are experiencing a resurgence, as hospitals and health systems grapple with ACOs, Bundled Payments, narrow networks and direct contracting in the wake of healthcare reform. During this informative, 45-minute webinar, HSG Partner David Miller and Director Travis Ansel will cover: The PHO model’s benefits under payment reform. How PHOs are being used […]

Three Initial Steps to Engaging Self-Insured Employers

Rising healthcare expenditures are forcing self-insured employers to continually look for ways to reduce costs. Actively talking to local employers and exploring mutually beneficial arrangements can be a great first step to driving their volume to your physicians and hospital. Conversely, ignoring these relationships can make you vulnerable to losing their volume to a more […]