Webinar: Succeeding in Value-Based Care – Building a Sustainable CIN

This hour-long webinar focuses on the legal definition of a clinically integrated network, how to build a successful CIN, and how to achieve early wins. We’ll discuss: What clinical integration is and how the Federal Trade Commission defines it; The strategic value of clinical integration and why it’s important for hospitals and providers; How to […]

Webinar: Short Overview of Clinical Integration Strategy

Managing Partner David Miller quickly details, in this 10-minute webinar, HSG’s approach to helping clients build a clinical integration strategy and its other approaches to physician integration and strategic planning. [bsmdw_content content_id=’270′]

Webinar: Road to Risk: Pursuing an MSSP ACO to Achieve Clinical Integration

    MSSP ACOs offer hospitals an ideal vehicle for preparing for risk-based reimbursement. Here’s what you need to know to get yours started in 2017.   Time’s a wastin’, if you’re planning to jump start your journey to risk-based reimbursement through a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO next year. Your Notice of Intent to […]

Clinical Integration without Spending a Fortune

    Does it have to cost millions to initiate a clinical integration strategy? Contrary to popular belief, we have clients who have generated substantial shared savings and a significant ROI over time, without massive investments.  Yes, some financial capital is required for resources the CIN providers can’t bring to the table themselves. But the size […]

Webinar: Cashing In on Value-Based Purchasing

Learn how to reap the benefits of clinical integration and value-based purchasing while your network is still under development. Clinically integrated networks cost money to build. But contrary to popular opinion, you can reap financial dividends long before your CIN is involved in large-scale contracting. During this one-hour webinar, Managing Partner David Miller and Senior […]

Succeeding in Value-Based Care: Building a Sustainable CIN

This 20-page guide covers legal issues; the 8 core elements for success with tips and examples; and leveraging your clinically integrated network’s capabilities during development. If your hospital or health system hasn’t already jumped on the clinical integration bandwagon, now’s the time to get started. Congress and CMS have set an aggressive goal for shifting […]

Value-Based Care Readiness Assessment

HSG’s Value-Based Care Readiness Assessment helps hospitals and health systems create a detailed action plan for clinical integration.   The healthcare industry’s business model is changing. Are you ready?   While the transformation to value has been gradual, the process is speeding up. By 2018, more than half of Medicare payments will be value-based. Private […]

Webinar: Physician Leadership Series: Building Market and Industry Knowledge

During this 30-minute webinar, Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Terrence McWilliams and Director Travis Ansel will cover what doctors need to know about changing purchaser expectations and their associated requirements, including: Value-based purchasing reimbursement models; Evolving care delivery model; and Clinical Integration concepts This webinar is one in a series of four, 30-minute webinars geared to busy […]

Webinar: Physician Compensation: Laying the Groundwork for Clinical Integration

Physician compensation is an important component of physician aligment.  In the drive to build clinically integrated networks, one obstacle hospitals and healthcare systems must overcome is ensuring that ALL participating providers are working toward the same goals. During this 45-minute webinar, HSG discusses: The basic structure of clinically integrated networks; The operating and payment structure of common network […]