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In December 2018, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) publishing arm Health Administration Press (HAP) published our book Employed Physician Networks: A Guide to Building Strategic Advantage, Value, and Financial Sustainability. The book outlines the evolution of networks from creation to operational chaos to one with the ability to manage risk contracting. It provides practical tips, tools and case studies to guide that transition. 

Employed Physician Networks represents your best opportunity to effectively manage the health of populations and navigate risk contracting.

About the Authors

Travis Ansel

Managing Partner

David W. Miller

Founding Partner

Terrence R. McWilliams, MD, FAAFP

Director and Chief Clinical Consultant

Employed Physician Networks Overview

A strong, integrated physician group is essential for any healthcare organization looking to improve patient care within its health system and throughout its community. Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and tools you need to turn your organization’s employed physician network into a strategic asset.

Employed Physician Networks: A Guide to Building Strategic Advantage, Value, and Financial Sustainability offers a clear framework for a network’s growth—from the Novice phase through the High-Performing phase—and it highlights the key elements that contribute to a successful evolution to high performance. With this book, healthcare leaders will be able to pinpoint their network’s current phase and then apply practical advice and recommendations for priorities that will likely need to be addressed for the organization and network to progress through the more advanced phases. Case studies, best practices, concrete examples, sidebars, and checklists help leaders put their plans into action. Ultimately, executives and organizations will be able to build employed physician networks that reliably manage quality, cost, and access.

The book includes valuable information about interactions with private physicians and the creation of relevant metrics and dashboards. Fully informed about success factors, barriers, and the predictable phases of evolution and growth, healthcare leaders can initiate a plan of action that will have a significant impact on a health system’s long-term success while at the same time improving patient care in their communities.

From the Authors

David Miller, Founding Partner

“The book offers great insights built from client interactions. Our perspective on why and how employed networks must evolve is valued by client executives. That approach plus elements of practical advice will be valued by readers as they build plans of action!”

Dr. Terry McWilliams, Director and Chief Clinical Consultant

“This book is designed to help all individuals associated with an employed physician network understand where the network is in its maturation process and how to catalyze its advancement – while avoiding well-intended actions that predictably might be detrimental. The suggested framework provides an objective means to conduct an introspective analysis of the network’s strengths and opportunities and prioritize which opportunities should be elevated for action plan development. Try it – it works.”