HSG’s Comprehensive COVID-19 Resources Library

  1. Becker’s Hospital Review Press Release COVID-19 Strategic Implications Survey Results
    • HSG’s COVID-19 Strategic Implications Survey captures health system executives’ perspectives on COVID-19’s expected impact on employed physician networks.
  2. Emerging from COVID-19 Restrictions: Immediate Practice Implications (Webinar)
    • The recently released CDC/White House Opening Up America Again guidelines (April 16th) and the associated CMS Recommendations – Phase 1 clearly indicate that medical practices will not be immediately returning to business as usual.
  3. The Pandemic & Strategy: Implications For Your Employed Physician Network (Webinar)
    • We address physician network strategy and challenges we have observed based on interactions with many employed networks over the last 2 months. Then we share our original research conducted with clients and colleagues, highlighting their concerns and areas of focus.
  4. COVID-19 and Your Employed Physician Network (Checklist)
    • Review HSG’s COVID-19 pandemic checklist of short and long-term clinical and operational, financial, and strategic areas of evaluation.
  5. Becker’s Hospital Review Article – COVID-19 and It’s Impact On Physician Compensation 
    • Health systems and their associated employed provider networks are beset with immediate financial losses, and future financial uncertainty as elective care was essentially eliminated by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in the United States.
  6. American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Article – Managing COVID-19: Physician Leadership Priorities for Employed Physician Networks
    • The immediate impact of COVID-19 is being felt daily by health systems. Having a proactive plan with engaged physician leaders is the only way to succeed.
  7. Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Article – Independent Physician Practices: Will They Find Relief in the COVID-19 Stimulus Acts?
    • As the world continues to adjust to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, independent physician practices face unique challenges and are looking for a lifeline in the many federal stimulus packages recently passed.
  8. Getting Paid For Virtual Patient Visit Interactions
    • On March 17th, CMS announced that it would expand reimbursement for telehealth interactions involving Medicare beneficiaries during the COVID-19 pandemic to offset revenue losses. Learn how to maximize revenue capture here.
  9. Virtual Visits: Collecting Fees and Operational Logistics (Webinar)
    • In this webinar, HSG will share what we have learned from the regulatory changes and from working with clients on optimizing virtual visits operationally and financially.
  10. Strategic Implications of the Pandemic
    • As the nation begins to emerge from the depths of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is a high probability hospital business models will change. Review HSG’s observations on the six biggest strategic implications.
  11. Strategic Evalution of Physician Relationships During COVID-19 (Webinar)
    • Despite its tremendous challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic creates an opportunity for health systems to conduct a comprehensive, strategic assessment of physician relationships, develop proactive tactics to enhance alignment, and pursue the most beneficial alternatives.
  12. Independent Physician Practices: COVID-19 Stimulus Act Unlikely to Be a Panacea
    • Health systems must be proactive in addressing independent physician practices impacted by the COVID-19 to ensure services are not disrupted once routine and elective care again becomes a reality.
  13. Independent Physician Practices and COVID-19: What’s a Health System to Do?
    • In times of need, independent physician practices often turn to their local health systems for support. We anticipate the COVID-19 pandemic will be no different.
  14. Physician Transaction Advisory: Seven Critical Lessons Learned (COVID-19 Update)
    • As private practices are phased out and are switching to hospital-owned practices as a result of COVID-19, HSG offers insight into evolving physician transactions and compliance based on past experience.