physician leadership priorities
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The front-line, immediate impact of COVID-19 is being felt daily, hourly, by health systems across the country. From the perspective of the employed ambulatory network of providers within a health system, there has been tremendous disruption not only in day-to-day operations, but to the role of physician leadership structures, employed group management infrastructure and governance, physician/administration culture, and physician compensation models.

While none of these issues are an immediate fire that has to be fought, decisions health systems are making now will significantly impact the success of employed networks as we come out of the surge and strive for success in a more stable environment. Having a proactive plan with engaged physician leaders is the only way to succeed in the coming environment.

Contact Travis Ansel or Dr. Terry McWilliams to discuss physician leadership priorities that your team should be proactively discussing as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Originally Posted by American College of Healthcare Executives on April 7, 2020

Travis Ansel

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Strategy