Webinar Description

Despite its tremendous challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic creates an opportunity for health systems to conduct a comprehensive, strategic assessment of physician relationships; develop proactive tactics to address current and future patient care needs; address the financial implications of COVID-19 and recovery; and pursue beneficial alternatives.

Efforts to cope with the COVID-19 ordeal spawned many regulatory waivers and financial stimulus opportunities to try to offset the pandemic’s innumerable negative impacts. Forward thinking health systems should avail themselves of the unique situations associated with this national public health emergency to emerge with stronger, more aligned physician relationships that strengthen the system and bolster recovery.     

In this webinar, HSG will share insights into how health systems can proactively establish strategic responses to various physician relationship scenarios based on unique COVID-19 possibilities.

Learning objectives:

  1. Appreciate the value of performing a proactive, comprehensive, strategic assessment of existing physician relationships – both employed and independent.
  2. Understand time sensitive COVID-19 opportunities – particularly those applicable to independent physicians.
  3. Consider developing prospective action plans to actively pursue, or anticipatorily respond to, mutually beneficial physician relationship scenarios.    


Terrence R. McWilliams, MD, FAAFP

Chief Clinical Officer and Managing Director, Employed Provider Networks

Neal D. Barker

Partner and Managing Director, Compensation and Compliance