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How to Measure and Improve Your Patient Attraction and Retention Growth Strategies – Part 2: Baptist Health (Jacksonville, FL) Case Study

In case you missed it, be sure to also download or listen to Part 1 of the educational series.

HSG was fortunate to present a Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) Educational Session in March 2022 with Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida to a very engaged audience. Baptist Health walked through sepcific examples of how they are successfully developing data-driven patient attraction and retention growth strategies and how they have utilized data to develop key performance indicators to measure the success of their 5-year strategic growth plan “Grow for the Future”.

March 2022 Webinar Abstract

Growing strategic market share through attraction and retention of new patients has never been more critical. Patient access points multiply by the day – while competition and capacity constraints intensify, which means healthcare organizations must re-imagine how they develop and execute their growth strategies.

This educational session is the second of the two-part series and will be a case study walking through one client’s experience in building a comprehensive growth strategy. Baptist Health in Jacksonville, FL had a strategic initiative focused on expanding their reach and attracting new patients while maximizing patient retention to best serve the patients in the communities they serve.

This presentation will cover the steps Baptist Health Jacksonville took to develop a comprehensive patient growth strategy, review the data required to measure and manage performance, review the lessons learned for optimizing internal communications, and dive into specific operational changes required to make meaningful shifts in patient growth initiatives.

Main Attendee Learning Outcomes Included:

  • Attendees will review KPIs Baptist Health Jacksonville has developed to measure the success of patient attraction and retention growth strategies and how to manage them over time.
  • Attendees will recognize how to assess and communicate current performance and build strategies to achieve their future state based on opportunities for strategic growth.
  • Attendees will review specific examples and tactics from Baptist Health Jacksonville (business development, operational, access, service capability development, etc.) on how an organization can successfully grow if patient attraction and retention efforts are implemented effectively.


D.J. Sullivan

Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of Claims Data Analytics