Strategy Tips from “67 Tips for a High-Performing Physician Network”

Defining your strategy and creating a common understanding with your physicians is a crucial first step to building a high-performing group. Aligning it so that it supports your organizational strategy is likewise crucial. Tip 1: Align group and organizational strategy. As you start the process, executive and physician leaders should first review the organization’s plan […]

How Many Primary Care Physicians Do You Really Need?

Executing a primary care strategy that provides the right number of primary care providers is critical to the success of your employed provider network. Traditional physician manpower planning models are often used to assess primary care demand. These models are based on population ratios and can provide effective information regarding the right number of primary […]

Two Steps to Primary Care Alignment in a Consolidating Market

In states such as Indiana, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania, where large systems are aggressively pursuing physician and hospital acquisitions, independent hospitals and small health systems must have a strategy in place that defines: when and under what conditions affiliation/acquisition will be pursued; and the best way to position themselves for negotiation. Hospitals operating in […]

Webinar: Setting Your Primary Care Strategy

During this 90-minute webinar, HSG discusses how to assess the current state of your primary care network; today’s top primary care issues; what healthcare leaders need to do to meet these new challenges; and how to set your primary care strategy to prepare for the challenges ahead, as focus shifts to value. [bsmdw_content content_id=’313′]

Include Independent Physicians in Your Primary Care Strategy

While hospital employment has become the national norm for primary care physicians, many hospitals still have independent PCPs on their staff. These physicians are worth your time and attention, with many contributing significant downstream revenue to your organization. Healthcare Strategy Group recommends focusing a portion of your primary care strategy on these independents. Your assessment […]

Nine Strategies for Primary Care Alignment

Over the past three years, we have recommended to all of our clients that one of their main focuses should be the development of their primary care strategy. The reasoning is simple − in the current fee-for-service environment, primary care physicians own the referrals that will drive volume to specialists and to the hospital; however, […]

Transitioning to ACOs: Six Strategies To Implement NOW

“But what should I be doing NOW?” Several CEOs have asked us that question, as they struggle with how to make an effective transition from a market that incents volume to one that incents quality and efficiency. We can’t stress enough the importance of preparing NOW for the new incentive structure. Those that aren’t are […]
Physician Network Revenue Cycle

Primary Care Strategy: Will Your ACO Fail Because You Lack One?

Preparing for the Value-Based Care Organization (ACO) model is becoming a reality for hospitals and health systems across the country, and addressing how to react to the upcoming changes is floating to the top of senior executive agendas. This movement is gaining momentum as executives recognize that the current fee-for-service model of reimbursement is unsustainable […]