Co-Management Checklist: What to Do Before, During and After Negotiating an Agreement

Co-Management Checklist Download a PDF Version to Share With Your Team Co-management agreements have long been used to engage physicians in service line development and are increasingly being used to set the stage for population health management. Successful deals require careful preparation and implementation. The following items offer a starting point for what you need […]

Six Considerations in ACO Strategy

Thanks to the removal of downside risk in the October 2011 final regulations for the Medicare Shared Savings program, many hospital executives are again considering their strategy related to Value-Based Care Organizations. The year 2012 saw the creation of 115 new Medicare ACOs, and more are expected in 2013. In addition, many private payer ACOs […]

Physician Alignment Strategy….Solving the Puzzle, Part One

The days of laissez faire relationships with the medical staff are no longer possible. The tide has changed, and the degree to which you will be successful will depend on your ability to engage the medical staff in collaborative problem solving. In addition to the uncertainties of healthcare reform, hospital CEOs are facing: declining reimbursement […]

Strategic Implications of Embedding a Physician

Many organizations need to add physicians to their medical staff, but most find that the more they explore, the more confused they become. Our clients most frequently cite that existing practices simply aren’t willing to take the risk, that the hospital doesn’t have the documented community need or employment infrastructure, or that it is just […]