Health Systems: Six Steps to Developing a System-Wide Primary Care Strategy

As the healthcare industry continues to consolidate, many healthcare systems are gaining hospitals and physician practices in new, less familiar markets. With so many priorities clamoring for a piece of the ever-shrinking margin, how should health systems prioritize where to expend their limited resources first? HSG suggests starting with a system-wide primary care strategy by evaluating […]

Quality Measures for Primary Care Physicians

With healthcare reform and the move to value-based reimbursement from both governmental and non-governmental payers, health systems across the country have been shifting their employed physician compensation models from purely production-based to a combination of productivity and quality incentives. Standardized quality measurements have developed over the past 25 years through accreditation entities such as National […]

Leveraging Your Primary Care Investment in the Managed Care Marketplace

Primary care networks can cost millions of dollars to develop, but many hospitals aren’t utilizing them to their fullest advantage. One common example of untapped potential: managed care. What steps has your hospital taken to integrate your investment in PCPs with your managed care strategy? If your answer is “None,” it’s time to consider three […]

Webinar: Setting Your Primary Care Strategy

During this 90-minute webinar, HSG discusses how to assess the current state of your primary care network; today’s top primary care issues; what healthcare leaders need to do to meet these new challenges; and how to set your primary care strategy to prepare for the challenges ahead, as focus shifts to value. [bsmdw_content content_id=’313′]