Webinar: Employed Provider Compensation

The development and execution of an evolving Provider Compensation strategy is a top priority for the most successful provider organizations, and HSG can put[...]

Webinar: MIPS – What’s New in 2019

MIPS 2019 This webinar includes details for the 2019 MIPS path of the Quality Payment Program, which applies to more than 90% of program participants Hear what[...]

Webinar: MACRA – What’s New in 2019

MACRA 2019 HSG presents a pre-recorded webinar providing a high level overview of the 2019 changes for the Quality Payment Program (MACRA) The most notable[...]

The Inevitable

With all of the uncertainty about changing health policy and the ACA, it is easy to get distracted But those distractions hide a deeper truth: many changes[...]

Webinar: MACRA: The Final Rule

CMS released the MACRA Final Rule on October 14th and proved they listened to many of the 4000 official comments that were submitted in response to the[...]