Will Your Cancer Program Win?

As recently as ten years ago, cancer care was provided by a number of separate entities and providers. Patients diagnosed with cancer received their chemotherapy at their medical oncologist’s office (what was known as “community-based oncology”), they received their radiation therapy at a hospital or at a free-standing independently owned radiation center, they went to […]

Co-Management: An Option to ACOs

With the anticipated release of the ACO regulations, hospitals were provided with another reason to prepare for the payment reforms that are set to become reality in the next five years. Whether you implement an ACO or you don’t, rewarding providers for quality and efficiency is a must. There are several ways to achieve this […]

Maximizing Service Line Growth

Building and maintaining strong service lines is central to growth and can require significant investment. And, with today’s economic climate magnifying risk, strategically defining your investments within a service line could not be more important. Your physician leaders will have great insights into the investments that will maximize value, and their input is certainly crucial. […]