Webinar: Preserving Your Hospital’s Independence

Consolidation with the industry is the norm and the number of independent hospitals is declining each year. Yet in many client hospitals, the board and management prefer hospital independence. Is that still an option? Under what circumstances? And what focus should the organization pursue if that is their objective? We will explore these questions, and […]

Two Steps to Primary Care Alignment in a Consolidating Market

In states such as Indiana, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania, where large systems are aggressively pursuing physician and hospital acquisitions, independent hospitals and small health systems must have a strategy in place that defines: when and under what conditions affiliation/acquisition will be pursued; and the best way to position themselves for negotiation. Hospitals operating in […]

Is Consolidation Right for Your Hospital?

Continual reimbursement cuts and the uncertainty of reform have many hospitals and physician groups seeking merger opportunities. There’s a lot of discussion about hospitals being unable to survive without X amount of revenue per year. $2 billion. $4 billion. Pick a number, and you can find some smart person who will tell you it’s absolutely […]