Physician Strategy

HSG can guide you in building a physician alignment strategy to expand and protect your physician relationships, build trust, define your physician manpower requirements, and foster greater organizational effectiveness as you tackle the challenges of a complex healthcare market.

HSG’s process addresses ten fundamental issues:

  • How the alignment strategy melds with organizational-level strategic priorities
  • What physicians are needed to meet service line priorities
  • How the physician strategy integrates with your geographic growth priorities
  • How to leverage your physician network to achieve results in a fee-for-value market
  • Where physicians refer, and how to alter those referral patterns
  • What existing physicians you should align with, and how to structure those relationships
  • What physicians you need to recruit
  • What infrastructure you need to manage your physician network
  • How executive ownership and accountability will be managed
  • What supporting strategies, such as marketing, are required to ensure your physician network is successful.

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