COVID-19 Employed Physicians

Healthcare Consulting Firm HSG Publishes COVID-19 Employed Physicians Checklist to Address Clinical and Operational, Financial, and Strategic Implications for Health Systems

LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — National healthcare consulting firm HSG has created a checklist for healthcare systems to leverage as they encounter a variety of clinical, operational, and financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resource is now available to all healthcare organizations through a free download at the HSG website (

In addition to responding to patient needs during the pandemic, health systems and hospitals are facing new clinical and operational issues. Some of the most urgent challenges include dealing with healthcare systems’ employed physician networks.  Issues related to compensation, retention, credentialing, and requests from private physicians for employment are matters that require immediate attention with minimal friction during a crisis. 

“At the onset of the pandemic, we observed many healthcare organizations dealing with not only an insufficient supply of personal protective equipment for workers but also an influx of administrative worries related to physicians,” said HSG founding partner David W. Miller. “Our team immediately began working on a set of best practices for healthcare systems to follow so that they can remain compliant, financially healthy, and still meet the healthcare needs of the community during this crisis.”

HSG believes healthcare organizations will face three sets of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most hospitals and health systems are currently addressing the first set of issues by responding to the surge of patients on a clinical and operational level. Patient care and healthcare worker safety are priorities, along with the employed physician group. 

The second set of issues confronting hospitals is financial. Declines in elective procedures and office visits, coupled with increased expenses from preparation and patient care, create a need to focus on sustainable economic realities. How hospitals serve patients and survive will become leading topics on healthcare leaders’ agendas. The risk of physician attrition in this environment and its potential impact on physician compensation are also problems that healthcare executives will face. 

Emerging strategic challenges for hospitals and health systems are the third set of issues that will evolve during the pandemic.  Leaders will need to ask themselves how this pandemic has changed their business model and potentially accelerated changes such as the adoption of virtual care by both patients and healthcare providers. As healthcare leaders make necessary changes to their overall strategy, they need to consider how these alterations will impact the employed physician network and the allocation of resources after emerging from the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Employed Physicians Network Checklist created by HSG helps healthcare leaders manage the current “all hands on deck” approach to patient care while still having an eye on long-term implications for the healthcare system. Healthcare leaders must understand the array of issues related to physicians and their employment during the pandemic and after it peaks in the United States. The checklist is available to all healthcare organizations free of charge at Questions and more information should be directed to David W. Miller at 502-814-1188 or by email at



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David W. Miller

Founder and Chairman