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Assessments of provider need support health system recruitment decision making by tailoring data about the providers serving a market and the health systems competing in it.  

HSG’s Provider Needs Analysis process provides health systems with a customizable approach to evaluating provider supply and demand and succession planning challenges across their market.  This includes: 

  • Development of Customized Market Areas –to allow health systems to subdivide their market into strategic segments that allows the application of market and provider data to make tailored decisions.  
  • HSG Provider Manpower Supply and Demand –to measure supply and demand by specialty at the FTE level within the Stark III Service Area as well as Strategic Service Area and other customizable submarket definitions   
  • Succession Planning Analysis –to evaluate internal succession planning issues by specialty as well as obtain a broader view of physician age throughout the market.  

Maximizing Your Results

Health Systems frequently combine the Provider Needs Analysis process with a broader study of the market and their provider network.

  • HSG Outpatient and Ambulatory Market Share and HSG Inpatient Market Share – to measure current success in volume capture across the continuum of care, and identify specialty specific outmigration and incremental volume capture opportunities  
  • HSG Provider Dashboard – to measure provider alignment and define opportunities for moving case/procedure volumes  
  • HSG Patient Flow – to measure of Primary Care Patient Outmigration to Specialty Care, by specialty, utilizing HSG Patient Flow  
  • Employed Provider Productivity and Access –to measure internal specialty capacity and evaluate the need to build internal volume versus incrementally recruit providers  
  • Advanced Practice Professional (APP) Provider Mix– to evaluate opportunities for rightsizing Physician: APP ratios within practices and utilize providers at top-of-license.

HSG Dashboard Workbooks

Bring your data to life through different reporting lenses in HSG Dashboard.

HSG Provider Needs Analysis is published within HSG Dashboard, allowing health systems and medical groups to actively explore the depth of analysis performed within the Provider Needs Analysis and leverage the data on an ongoing basis.  HSG offers annual updates to all Provider Needs Analysis data to ensure accuracy.

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