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Primary Care is the “evergreen” strategy – one that prospers in a Fee-for-Service or Fee-for-Value market, and one that ensures continued operational and financial sustainability through the attraction and retention of patient lives.  An investment in a strong primary care base for a multi-hospital/multi-region health system can: 

  • Drive market capture, especially in growing markets with immature healthcare resources  
  • Provide a mechanism for patient access and begin their experience with the THS brand  
  • Provide a mechanism for patient retention and direction within THS’s network of services  
  • Catalyze the system’s efforts to expand regionally, especially into markets where primary care appears to be a more critical part of health system strategy  
  • Insulate the organization from the risk of acquisition or alignment of independent Primary Care resources by competition or other groups rolling up provider resources who may look to more tightly manage patient utilization of the care continuum.  
  • Be a critical component of addressing value-based care dynamics and inevitable payer pressure to assign/manage lives and manage cost  
  • Be a critical component of taking advantage of opportunities in risk contracting space  
  • Supports systemness, providing the vehicle for patient retention and referral throughout a system’s resources, agnostic of hospital market and focused on system retention  

Developing Your Strategy

HSG’s partners with health systems to help evolve Primary Care Strategy, focused on the following areas: 

  • Measurement of Current Primary Care Market Share utilizing HSG Provider Dashboard and Outpatient and Ambulatory Market Share
  • Referral Retention measurement and improvement utilizing HSG Patient Flow
  • Recruitment and succession planning needs utilizing HSG Provider Supply and Demand
  • Market growth/Access point development opportunities  
  • Mitigation of potential competitive threats and new market entrants  
  • Existing provider alignment opportunities  
  • Reimbursement capture/growth opportunities  
  • Care model(s) utilization and evolution for primary care  
  • APP Utilization within primary care  
  • Operational and financial sustainability of increased investment in primary care  

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Travis Ansel

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Strategy

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