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Employed provider networks without a defined and clearly conveyed vision of their future course typically find themselves stuck in their progression – regardless of where the network is at the time. 

HSG’s Shared Vision process brings together administrative and clinical stakeholders within an employed provider network to create a Vision document that illuminates the future, draws the network together for a common purpose, provides the foundation from which strategies necessary for success arise, and establishes or reaffirms the framework for a common network culture that transcends individual components.  

The Shared Vision explicitly defines the ideal future state of the employed network and define the roles and mutual accountability for providers, administration, and all staff necessary to achieve that state. The Shared Vision becomes the roadmap that guides the network’s journey forward and becomes the context for needed organizational change. Although every employed network’s specific circumstances are unique, common elements tend to emerge as networks contemplate the characteristics required to become a higher performing organization:  

HSG facilitates the Shared Vision process, engaging stakeholders and creating buy-in and generate the Shared Vision document, as well as a long-term action plan focused on strategies that will lead to the achievement of the Shared Vision.  Frequently this becomes the action plan that the Provider Leadership Council (PLC) takes ownership over and helps drive to fruition; creating a sense of ownership and accomplishment for the PLC and its constituents.

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Terrence R. McWilliams, MD, FAAFP

Chief Clinical Officer and Managing Director, Employed Provider Networks

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