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How We Work

HSG works with health systems to evaluate their hospital-based relationships, with a focus on the following areas, in order to comprehensively assess the components of a subsidy and identify areas for potential improvement, and develop and implement action plans for execution.

  • Compensation  
  • Benefit Costs  
  • Operating Expenses and Overhead  
  • Revenue Cycle  
  • Operational Efficiency  
  • Staffing Ratios  
  • Subsidy Structure  

Advising Specialties

HSG advises health systems regarding Hospital-Based Subsidy Arrangements across the following specialties

  • Hospital Medicine  
  • Pathology  
  • Radiology  
  • Anesthesia  
  • Critical Care  
  • Emergency Medicine  
  • Surgicalist  
  • Laborist  

Additional Analysis and Consulting

HSG leverages its proprietary set of market and provider network data analytics to help our clients understand the current state of the market, build effective strategic planning initiatives, monitor performance against defined objectives over time, and reassess and reprioritize on an ongoing basis. 

HSG Compensation and Compliance

No matter the size of organization, provider compensation is a complicated issue, encompassing issues of strategic alignment, financial sustainability, and regulatory compliance, all of which demand a coordinated, comprehensive approach from health systems and their employed networks.

Compensation Plan Redesign

Employed provider compensation continues to trend higher while reimbursement does not.  HSG partners with health systems to develop compensation philosophy and specialty-specific models that are financially sustainable yet promote retention in a competitive environment.  

Fair Market Value and Compensation Redesign

Rising provider compensation combined with increased scrutiny necessitates that a health system have a strong compliance program in place for adherence to Fair-Market-Value.  HSG’s FMV experts partner with health systems to guide compliance efforts and to develop Fair Market Value and Commercial Reasonableness opinions supporting a health system’s compensation strategy. 

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