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Measuring Patient Flow

HSG measures Patient Flow through a separate and distinct 3-step process that begins with the identification of source providers and the associated patient population. Patient populations are customizable to answer the specific business question presented.


Define source provider(s) and associated patient populations for evaluation.


Track all patient interactions PRE and POST source provider services for custom care windows (30, 60, 90 Days).


Measure percent of service volume to aligned providers versus competitor providers and/or facilities.

Workbook Features

Bring your data to life through different reporting lenses in HSG Dashboard. 90-Day Patient Flow will be measured from CLIENT employed, competitor employed, or local independent primary care providers in CLIENT’s service area to all specialty providers (associated with CLIENT or not) as sampled during our scoping call.

  • 90-Day Patient Flow to Specialty Providers, including but not limited to: 
    • Primary Care to Specialist Overall (Medical and Surgical Specialties) 
    • Primary Care to Specialist by Primary Care Practice 
    • Primary Care to Specialist by Individual Primary Care Provider to Top 10 Specialty Care Providers 

HSG Dashboard Workbooks

HSG Outpatient and Ambulatory Market Share

Evaluate health system overall market share, service line and subservice line market share, and geographic market share for professional and technical components of all relevant service lines across the Outpatient, Ambulatory and Physician Office environments. 

HSG State-Level Market Share

Better understand Inpatient Utilization trends at the market, service line, and subservice line levels and visualize these data sets consistently with HSG Outpatient Market Share. 

HSG Patient Flow

Track patient utilization of the care continuum after an interaction with a potential referring provider, allowing health systems to determine network leakage and prioritize opportunities to addressing leakage.  

HSG Patient Share of Care 

Track overall patient utilization of the care continuum within a given market, focused on determining the total share of patient healthcare spend that a health system is capturing within a discrete patient population.  

HSG Provider Dashboard

Track delivery of patient care by individual providers, practices and physician groups by specialty, allowing health systems to have insight into how individual groups and providers (employed, aligned, competitive) are performing in the Outpatient and Ambulatory market.  

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