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HSG Claims Data Analytics

Create an informed strategy   –   Better serve your market   –   Improve your bottom line

Leverage proprietary all-payer healthcare claims data analytics and expert healthcare advisors to better understand competitive dynamics related to your markets, service lines, providers, and patients.


Service Frameworks

HSG serves health systems, hospital associations, and other healthcare stakeholders at a national-level. Within HSG Claims Data Analytics, Health Systems typically work with one or more of these frameworks:

HSG Advisors I HSG Outpatient and Ambulatory Market Share

HSG Outpatient and Ambulatory Market Share™

HSG Advisors I HSG Patient Flow

HSG Patient Flow™

HSG Advisors I HSG Patient Share of Care

HSG Patient Share of Care™

HSG Outpatient and Ambulatory Market Share™

Grow Service Lines and Reduce Patient Leakage
Evaluate your health system’s overall market share, service line and subservice line market share, and geographic market share for professional and technical components of all relevant service lines.

Commonly utilized by: Hospitals and health systems of all sizes; focused on measuring performance and defining opportunities in the outpatient and ambulatory setting as a corollary to IP Market Share data utilization.

HSG Patient Flow™

Build Patient Attraction and Retention Growth Strategies
Track patient utilization of the care continuum after an interaction with a potential referring provider, allowing your health system to determine network leakage and prioritize opportunities to addressing leakage.

Commonly utilized by: Community and regional health systems focused on referral retention from primary care or other access points to system owned/employed sites of care.

HSG Patient Share of Care™

Establish Patient Loyalty and Grow Revenue
Track overall patient utilization of the care continuum within a given market, focused on determining the total share of patient healthcare spend that your health system is capturing within a discrete patient population.

Commonly utilized by: Tertiary and Statewide Health Systems with multiple hospitals focused on measuring their capture of patient healthcare spend as a measure of strategic growth.

HSG Advisors

HSG Advisors (HSG) is an advisory and analytics consulting firm committed to the healthcare industry, with a focus on health systems and their provider relationships.

HSG Claims Data Analytics blends best-practice sourcing of all-payer claims data utilization with HSG proprietary analytics that are customized to your needs and internal definitions. Visualized data outputs facilitate understanding of the HSG Frameworks and enable end-user ease-of-use.