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Building a Shared Vision
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HSG partnered with a Midwest Health System to provide interim leadership over their Medical Group with a focus on stabilizing practice operations. A key initiative in performance improvement for the network was establishing the Physician Leadership Council and engaging providers in the operational and cultural development of the group, which included building a Shared Vision.


  • Based in Midwest United States
  • 430-bed acute care hospital
  • 200+ employed providers
  • $320M net revenue
  • Client since: 2016

…The program could not have been conceivable, let alone
achieve success, had we not partnered with HSG in building a Shared Vision for the group that catalyzed changes in physician leadership and group culture.

– Health System Chief Medical Officer


The Health System’s employed provider network had grown rapidly, exceeding 200 providers, which far outstripped its management infrastructure and its leadership team’s capabilities. In addition, the lack of systematic management of the network was resulting in the providers not being engaged in the performance and strategic direction of the network. As work began to move to a centralized management structure, the lack of physician engagement in the employed network became a barrier, highlighting the need to create a group of engaged physician leaders in the network.


HSG worked with System leadership to establish a Physician Leadership Council (PLC) to promote provider engagement and participation in operations and strategy. This consisted of interviewing informal practice leaders, providing group education on the benefits of a PLC, and building out the founding documents to establish the group. HSG then worked with leadership to prepare the agendas and execute the meetings, to ensure priority items were addressed and participation in the group was valuable to the provider members – key to this was building a Shared Vision, which defined the direction of the Medical Group.


Through its work with HSG, the Medical Group PLC accomplished building a Shared Vision with nine distinct elements, which at a high level were:

1) Improving Patient Experience;

2) Developing a Multi-Specialty Group Culture;

3) Elevating the Role of Physician Leadership;

4) Optimizing Management Infrastructure;

5) Developing Point-of-Care Clinical Data;

6) Developing a Comprehensive Quality Plan,

7) Building a Brand Consistent with the Health System,

8) Developing and Consistently Reviewing a Strategic Plan,

9) Prioritizing Growth.

The PLC has been instrumental to the Medical Group’s continued success and its viewed as a strategic asset by both Medical Group Leadership and the Health System.


The program could not have been conceivable, let alone achieve success, had we not partnered with HSG in building a Shared Vision for the group

Terrence R. McWilliams, MD, FAAFP

Chief Clinical Officer and Managing Director, Employed Provider Networks