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HSG partnered with Midwest Regional to define a Shared Vision for how the Medical Group would evolve over the next decade and the resulting strategic and operational priorities refocused and accelerated the Group’s evolution. HSG helped the physicians and executives.


  • Based in the Midwest
  • 90-bed acute care hospital
  • 75+ employed providers
  • $135M net revenue
  • Client since: 2011

…the program could not have been conceivable, let alone achieve success, had the Medical Group not developed a Shared Vision for the Group that catalyzed changes in physician leadership and Group culture.



The Medical Group had an existing Physician Leadership Council (PLC) that was formed as the Group was being built, with the objective of integrating the various practices and defining Group direction. Significant progress was made over the initial existence of the Group, but over time had plateaued and progress slowed as major initial initiatives were tackled.

The Group still had disparate operational process, cultures, EHRs, and levels of accountability. Leaders believed that variation needed to be reduced, and that the Group needed to create a common strategic and operational focus.



HSG facilitated a process with the existing Physician Leadership Council to define three primary goals as outlined below.

  1. The Shared Vision for the Group in 10 years time.
  2. The strategic plan that would allow the Group to achieve that Vision.
  3. The organizational infrastructure and leadership roles needed to support the Vision.

The actions taken by management in concert with physician leaders resulted in a number of positive outcomes including the following.

Doctors and healthcare consultants walk together
  • Overall, the process created a greater voice for physicians in both Group and system operations, with a 300% increase in physician representation at the President’s Council.
  • The evolution of the Group to meet the demands of value-based care was accelerated by focusing discussion on essential strategies.
  • The reorganized organizational infrastructure was viewed as a positive for propelling the Vision forward.

…the program could not have been conceivable, let alone achieve success, had the Medical Group not developed a Shared Vision”

D.J. Sullivan

Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of Claims Data Analytics