Focus on Physician Networks

Driven by changing demands of the market, the core focus of healthcare leaders must evolve. Managing episodic patient care delivery, with a focus on hospital operations, will decline in importance. Your team’s ability to work with a tightly aligned employed physician network, to manage and rationalize care across the continuum, will grow in importance.  

Two trends are driving this reality: the growth in value-based payments and the growth in hospital employment of physicians, particularly in primary care. The percentage of payments tied to value-based incentives grew from 23% in 2015 to 34% in 2017. CMS has a goal to hit 50% by 2020. Healthcare executives clearly recognize this trend, with a 2018 survey by Lumeris documenting that 72% of executives consider planning for the transition to risk-based contracting to be a high priority.  

At the same time, hospital employment of physicians continues to grow, approaching 50% of the physician market nationwide. The intersection of these two trends compels health systems to develop a strong employed physician network that can focus on delivering predictable outcomes across the continuum, whether cost, quality, or experience related.  

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Originally Posted by Modern Healthcare in May 2020. Authored by HSG Founding Partner, David Miller.

David W. Miller

Founder and Chairman