Physician Manpower Planning

In a deep dive into what constitutes a successful manpower planning strategy, this white paper presents a set of 12 questions health system executives should be asking and answering in order to develop an effective and executable physician manpower plan, with a few being:

  • How many physicians must we employ (or align ourselves with) in order to meet revenue targets?
  • What providers do we need to recruit to create an excellent service line?
  • What ambulatory access points, and what providers, do we need to create the geographic reach required for the hospital to be a success?
  • Are there physician splitters that the hospital should target for employment with the physician network?
  • How comfortable are we with increased employed provider subsidies?
  • What volume growth objectives can be met by expanding capacity in the existing practices, rather than recruiting additional providers?

Download this White Paper today to see the remaining questions and learn more about developing an effective physician manpower plan.

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Travis Ansel

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Strategy