Patient Attraction and Retention Growth Strategies: Best Practices for Data Utilization, Measurement, and Growth Strategy Development


In a recent HSG survey, 37% of health system respondents surveyed felt they were not effectively utilizing available data in growth strategy development. This is a common theme we see when engaging with health systems.

This white paper was created to outline best practices for measuring, reporting, and building a comprehensive growth strategy. Growth strategy development continues to evolve as healthcare consumption continues to shift. Having plans for maximizing the attraction of new patients to a health system and increasing retention of patients already utilizing services is becoming ever more critical.

Health systems continue to live in a predominantly fee-forvolume world while slowly transitioning towards a fee-forvalue environment. The dynamics of operating in two different environments produce a polarizing effect on patient growth strategies. To live in both worlds, organizations currently need strategies to support each. Patient attraction strategies will support organizations thriving in today’s current fee-for-volume environment. Patient retention strategies support the latter. The development of key performance indicators that flow through the system on regular intervals is critical to achieving short and long-term growth strateg objectives. Utilizing data and customizing it to your specific organizational needs and goals is going to prove most beneficial in attracting new patients to the system while maximizing retention.

We hope you find this white paper useful in evaluating and enhancing your current growth strategies. If you need an outside perspective, we can partner with you to build and execute your comprehensive growth strategy, including measurement, reporting, and organization-specific strategy development.

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D.J. Sullivan

Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of Claims Data Analytics