While Patient Retention has historically been focused on provider referral management, Patient Access to Care is playing a larger and larger role on the ability of health systems to capture and keep patients within their network of facilities and providers. 

The following factors impact Patient Access to Care and are discussed in this white paper:

  • Supply of Direct Care Providers
  • Utilization of Direct Care Providers 
  • Supply and Capabilities of Support Staff
  • Utilization of Support Staff
  • Practice Culture
  • Physical Space
  • Provider Compensation Plan
  • EMR Capabilities

To learn more about these factors and how HSG’s approach can help you build your patient retention and referral management strategies, click below to open this white paper.

Patient Access to Care - A Cornerstone for Patient Capture and Patient Retention
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Terrence R. McWilliams, MD, FAAFP

Chief Clinical Officer and Managing Director, Employed Provider Networks