dyad management in healthcare

Physician leadership has long been a recognized entity in health systems, primarily in the construct of formal Medical Staff governance. However, individuals elected to these positions were often undertrained and underdeveloped and the Medical Staff governance structure was traditionally underutilized for strategic and operational planning and execution. As a result, healthcare systems have embraced dyad leadership and dyad management to proactively respond to organizational challenges.

Peer-to-peer physician interactions are the most effective mechanism to influence physician behavior. The roots of this concept are the foundation of the formal Medical Staff governance structure. The concept is core to the evolving roles of formal physician leaders, like Chief Medical Officers. Therefore, proficient physician leadership is a core element driving organizational success. While many facets of physician leadership transcend all aspects of healthcare, this white paper focuses on how dyad management and leadership councils apply to employed physician networks.

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Terrence R. McWilliams, MD, FAAFP

Chief Clinical Officer and Managing Director, Employed Provider Networks