Across the country, hospitals are struggling. Reimbursement is down. Admissions are down. For the first time in a decade, the industry is shedding jobs. CEOs are wondering if the decline in inpatient admission is primarily the result of the sluggish economy of the harbinger of worse to come under reform.

Though layoffs and eliminating travel are time-honored hospital approaches to dealing with soft demand, cutting expenses isn’t the only strategy CEOs can explore. Finding new ways to increase revenue and reallocate resources are equally important.

During this 60-minute webinar, HSG Managing Partner David Miller discusses:

  • Factors behind declining hospital admissions and provide our perspective on whether the decline is permanent or an aberration;
  • Eight strategies — four on the revenue and four on the expense side of the equation — to improve your hospital’s financial performance in the current environment; and
  • How this moment in time can serve as a learning experience to help your organization adapt to changing realities.

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David W. Miller

Founder and Chairman