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SHSMD Education Sponsored Webinar – Medical Staff Development Planning in 2021

HSG was fortunate to present a Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) Educational Session in June 2021 to a very engaged audience. Three polls were taken for those attending the June session resulting in some valuable insights on how frequently organizations are building comprehensive medical staff development plans and how strictly they are then adhering to those plans.

June Webinar Abstract

Health System strategic objectives are increasingly focused on improving access and overall customer experience.  However, many Health Systems are finding gaps in their deployment of their provider resources that are creating barriers which are hard to surmount – access to the right provider, in the right location, at the right time, and with the right provider capability. To address this, Health Systems must greatly enhance the way they evaluate how their provider strategy will support the health system’s overall strategic vision, particularly in the area of Medical Staff Development Planning.  

 Effective Strategic Medical Staff Development Planning Encompasses the Following Elements:
1.    Tailoring Market Definitions for Making Strategic Decisions
2.    Understanding Utilization of the Care Continuum by Patients within the Market
3.    Identifying Supply, Capacity, and Capability Gaps by Specialty
4.    Identifying Succession Planning Dynamics by Specialty
5.    Defining Existing Capacity Within the Health System’s Current Network of Practices and Providers
6.    Defining Ideal Mix of Physicians and Advanced Practice Professionals
7.    Leveraging Stakeholder Observations and Insights

HSG Presenter – Travis Ansel, HSG Managing Partner

HSG will also be presenting on Patient Share of Care: Measuring Patient Brand Loyalty during a SHSMD educational session in August 2021 followed by an in-person presentation with Indiana University Health at the SHSMD Annual Conference in September 2021 in San Antonio. Register now for what is sure to be a great couple of events.

Travis Ansel

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Strategy