HSG Physician Network Integrity Analytics® was developed to address common client challenges. We understand there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but multiple analytic approaches are required to comprehensively evaluate markets and build customized strategies for patient retention and acquisition.

All four analytic approaches are necessary if your organization wants to fully understand patient dynamics in your marketplace.

Patient Share of Care

comprehensively measures all patient purchasing decisions related to healthcare services in your market. 

Patient Flow

identifies the relationships of how patients are moving from one site of service to the next. 

Provider Service Location Analysis

clearly defines where providers render their specific services. 

Market Insight

is the constant gauge for effectiveness of your strategies by measuring ambulatory market share down to the procedural level.


While other consulting companies may want to sell you data, HSG partners with health system leadership teams to utilize differentiated data to make strategic decisions. HSG Physician Network Integrity Analytics®, when combined with HSG’s expertise in Physician Networks and Alignment, provides a superior approach to address the Patient Acquisition and Retention issues that drive health system’s bottom line.

To learn more about HSG Physician Network Integrity Analytics® and to receive a complimentary sample evaluation report for any of the analytic approaches outlined, contact DJ Sullivan at (502) 814-1198 or Eric Andreoli at (502) 814-1193.

Kari Craig

Senior Manager