Reducing Network Losses & Creating Financial Sustainability

Many hospitals are increasingly challenged by the financial performance of their employed physician networks. As these networks grow, the concern about financial performance moves to the forefront, with the losses becoming an increasingly visible drag on the system’s overall profitability. This, in turn, puts pressure on health system and physician network leadership to, at a minimum, figure out how to bend the cost curve, if not reduce net losses altogether. This is a common challenge with networks who are in the “Operational Chaos” phase of HSG’s Physician Network Growth Phases®. Networks going through this dynamic must get to a point of Financial Sustainability. In our newest White Paper, HSG Partner Travis Ansel delves into the obstacles hindering physician networks from achieving high-performance while offering ideas for solutions that overcome these obstacles.

Employed Physician Networks are subject to obstacles that HSG can manage, including reducing losses, creating financial sustainability, physician manpower planning, creating a shared vision, and improving operational performance

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